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Browqueen Microblading

Innovative Microblading studio in Fayetteville NC, striving to help women unlock their inner beauty.

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BrowQueen Microblading is a beauty studio in Fayetteville, NC, striving to help women unlock their inner beauty through innovative techniques. They create high-quality, realistic, and natural-looking hair strokes that mimic the natural eyebrows to help their clients save time and unlock confidence.


This website was a redesign project, and the goal was to strategize and expand their business as well as scale the business to outperform their competitors. The client wanted to have an all-in-one platform featuring an online store, booking system migration, an academy with an event handler, and lastly pay later payment options to provide clients with more flexible payment options.

Success Story

Since implementing these changes, BrowQueen Microblading has seen incredible success. In just a few short months, they have surpassed over $1 million in revenue and continue to grow at a rapid pace. Learn how we were able to assist Browqueen Microblading in reaching over $1 million in revenue in our article "From Startup to Millionaire Business."

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"We are grateful for all the work Eleven11 has done for us. The website is great and working with Isaiah was the highlight of all of this. We are looking forward to working with you in the future as we grow BrowQueen."
Kristine Lerio
BrowQueen Microblading

Our approach

We wanted to design a website that would serve as their digital storefront with a good user experience. Our goal was to give their client's the same experience they would have as if they were visiting their physical storefront, matching their brand identity. We were able to optimize their website for fast load times and used lead-generating content to optimize their social ranking.
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We created a unique design to match the company's identity.


We created an online store and migrated their booking system.


Refined and scaled the business model to outperform competitors.


Used lead-generating content to target a wider domain.
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