Getting listed on Google Maps

Learn how to get your business listed on Google Maps and increase your online visibility to potential customers.

How do I get my business to be listed on Google Maps?

Google My Business (Google Maps) is one of the most overlooked yet powerful tool for businesses looking to grow their online presence and drive sales. Properly listing your business with Google can instantly put you in front of potential customers that are ready to buy. Want to learn how? No worries! Below we will cover the steps to getting listed on Google to maximize your online visibility and reach potential customers!

Step 1: Go to Google My Business

  • Click "Manage Now"

Step 2: Sign in or create an account.

To manage your Google My Business listing once it's live, you'll need a Gmail account. It doesn't matter whether you use a personal or business email for this purpose, as it won't be visible on your listing. If you don't already have a Gmail account, you can easily create one using the "create account" link at the bottom.

Step 3: Setup Your Listing

Properly setting up your Google My Business listing is essential for optimal visibility on Google Maps. Although some of the steps may seem straightforward, many local businesses make costly mistakes. To ensure that your listing is set up correctly, follow these steps:

Input Your Business Name

While this step may seem straightforward, it's crucial to maintain consistency across the web. When entering your business name for Google Maps, be sure to use the same name and spelling as on your social media accounts and other online platforms. Inconsistencies in your business name can create confusion for Google and negatively impact your ranking and visibility on the map.

Business Address and Service Areas

Consistency is key for your business address as well. If your business doesn't have a physical location, that's okay – you can hide this address on your published listing. However, having a physical location can greatly improve the visibility of your listing. Be sure to use the same address across all online platforms.

Choosing The Correct Business Category

It's crucial to choose the correct categories for your business on Google My Business as they determine how your business will be classified and the types of search queries that will display your listing. Google has preset categories for different industries, and it's essential to choose the most relevant and specific ones for your business.

Choosing just one to three specific categories will give you the best chance to be seen by the right audience. When selecting categories, start typing your keyword and choose the best match from the options provided. If you find multiple categories that fit your business, you can add more later on. However, it's important to note that Google prefers businesses to choose the least number of categories possible.

Step 4: Verify Your Business

To verify your business on Google, you will need to provide a physical address where they can send a postcard with a verification PIN. This postcard usually arrives within 3-5 days and is used to confirm that your business is located at the address you provided. This step is crucial in order to ensure that your business is correctly listed on Google and visible to potential customers.

Tip: While waiting for the Google My Business postcard to arrive, it is important to remind anyone responsible for handling mail to keep an eye out for it. The postcard, which contains a verification PIN, is essential for activating your listing. It is common for these postcards to be mistaken for junk mail and discarded, so it is important to be vigilant.

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